peredetemps watch design


With over 30 years of experience within the watch industry, we have assembled a unique team of experienced watch designers – who are watch fanatics themselves. With inspiration stemming from classic timepieces to modern trends in fashion, all PDT watches are created with purpose, style and class; appealing from fashion forward millennials to the most discriminating watch connoisseurs.


Inspired by the art of traditional watchmaking, Père de Temps features complicated automatic movements. No batteries required. The simple movement of your wrist spins the rotor, which winds the watch.

The movements are hand assembled with numerous jewels – comparable to watches many more times its value.




Pére de Temps may be most identifiable by our exhibition, or see-through, dials and case backs. These windows safely expose the inner workings of the mechanical movement within the timepiece.

About The Company

Pére de Temps is a private, family owned company based in Los Angeles, California.

Started by prominent watch industry veteran Michael Pucci (Swatch, Raymond Weil, Tissot), and product sourcing veteran Debra Underwood (Geiger, Disney) the company set out in 2005 to create high quality, affordable mechanical watches with superior design. With advancements in technology and processes, there was no reason why consumers needed to pay exorbitant prices for automatic timepieces. Pére de Temps was one of the first watch brands to take advantage of these advancements and start the affordable mechanical watch trend.

The young brand continues to offer new mechanical designs each year, and for the first time, launched a quartz collection at the end of 2014.